Evoderm Panthenol Lotion

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Evoderm Panthenol Body Lotion 200 ML


What does the Evoderm Panthenol Lotion contain

Exoderm Panthenol Lotion makes a well-hydrated skin | Calming and nourishing for sensitive skins | Good humidified skin | relaxing and featured | for sensitive skins | Dexpanthenol | Panthenol | Allantoin | Aloe Vera.


What does it do

It helps to restore the natural layer of your sensitized skin, repair it and restore it to its natural state. Balance and protect the moisture content of your skin.

Panthenol keeps your skin fresh, fresh, refreshed, moist and quickly regains its smooth, well-groomed appearance. You can safely for your sensitized skin. Its content is cell renewing, moisturizing and cooling.

Operations such as epilation, waxing, hair and beard hair transplant post-application burning sensation Panthenol lotion can be used safely. Evoderm is an Innoactive product.

Additional information

Weight 280 g
Dimensions 8 × 3 × 16 cm

1 review for Evoderm Panthenol Lotion

  1. Andrew Cawsey

    I needed the spray version of this lotion but they don’t ship it to Canada because it contains gas?! They advised me to use this lotion instead of the spray. I liked the spray better but this isn’t bad either.

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